Men Of Teal 2019 - 30 Days of Awareness

Hope for Heather selects 30 men each year to be men of Teal. Each day in September a different Man of Teal is featured with a photo and a message about their commitment to spread awareness. 30 Community leaders take the pledge to spread Ovarian Cancer Awareness
In celebration of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. They are equipped with symptom cards and ribbons and will spread awareness to their work and community circles for the whole month. Men of Teal - Spreading Ovarian Cancer Awareness to your community. Take a photo with your man of teal and share it. #MenOfTeal #mymanofteal
Twitter - @Hope4Heather; Facebook - Hope for Heather Below is the 2019 men of Teal.

Men of Teal Group shot at 2016 Teal Ribbon Run
Man of Teal - Fritz Sherz Man of Teal - Gary Weeks Man of Teal - NikoTamurianr 
Sept. 1, 2019 - Fritz Sherz **
Fritz's Polka Band. We are so grateful to Fritz for sporting teal and having the band rock our teal guitar at the NYS Fair! Fritz is an incredibly member of the CNY community ......Read more .
Sept. 2, 2019 - Gary Weeks **
Heather's father - the original Man of Teal. Eleven years ago, our daughter Heather called from NYC to tell us she took a job at OCRF, She was excited about the opportunity to save lives ......
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Sept. 3, 2019 - Niko Turmarian **
"We can all do our part to make a difference. Central New York is a strong team and I'm glad to be on it. We can raise awareness and beat ovarian cancer together.". Read More. . .
2019 Man of Teal - Scott Lombardo 2019 Man of Teal - Jim Teske 2019 Man of Teal - Brad Vivacqua
Sept. 4, 2019 - Scott Lombardo **
"Advocacy is as easy as handing a symptom card to any woman we work with, play on a team with or meet in community events. Plus, telling our family members is crucial. Advocacy starts with a simple conversation. It takes just one card or teal ribbon to possibly save one life. . . Read more. . .
Sept. 5, 2019 - Jim Teske **
"I'm part of Men of Teal because awareness leads to knowledge. We can all play a part in this fight." We are honored to have continued support from News Channel 9 Meteorologist Jim Teske -- forecasting there for 24 years now.. . .Read More. . . .
Sept. 6, 2019 - Brad Vivacqua **
"I am a strong supporter of Hope for Heather and raising Ovarian Cancer Awareness. I’ve been a reporter in Central New York for 15 years and along the way I’ve met some great people who unfortunately have had to battle cancer.
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2019 Men of Teal - Mark Bell 2019 Men of Teal - Rep. John Katko Man of Teal - Michael Benny
Sept. 7, 2019 - Mark Bell **
Cancer doesn’t play favorites, and it does not discriminate. It cares not about your age, sex, heritage or beliefs. It is a fight that we are ALL truly in together, and we have a responsibility to help each other in any way that we can.Read more. .
9/8/19 - Rep John Katko **
Taking the Hope for Heather mission to Washington and reading important information about the need for awareness before Congress and the nation -- Rep. John Katko is continuing on as a Man of Teal. We are grateful for his support and commitment for several years now.
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9/9/19 - Michael Benny **
Many thanks to our longtime friend and supporter Michael Benny, evening anchor for CBS5, for always helping spread the H4H message. We are blessed to have so many proactive friends in the media! Michael has been a Man of Teal since we launched the campaign. Read more. .
2019 Men of Teal - SamuelRowser 2019 Men of Teal - Mike Lombardo 2019Men of Teal - Gene Conway
Sept. 10, 2019 - Samuel Rowser **
“Ovarian Cancer ravages many communities. As the son of a strong mother, husband to a wonderful wife, father of five daughters, grandfather of four granddaughters and growing up with four sisters; I’m surrounded by women. Any opportunity to support an organization that improves the health. . . ”Read more. . .
Sept. 11, 2019 - Mike Lombardo **
"Losing a loved one to cancer is both painful and difficult. The toughest loss in my life was losing my Nana to cancer. Educating your loved ones on just how destructive cancer is, that's what cancer awareness means to me." Mike Lombardo, Director of Business Development - ISSI Technology Professionals . . ..  Read more
Sept. 12, 2019 - Sheriff Gene Conway **
is proud to support the “Men of Teal” campaign for National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. Today he had the distinct pleasure of meeting Gary and Frieda Weeks, parents of Heather Weeks, who lost her life to cancer at the age of 24. Since her death, 11 years ago, Gary & Frieda created Read more . . .
2019 Men of Teal - Wayne Mahar Men of Teal - JJ Potrikus 2019 Men of Teal - Mike Brookens
Sept. 13, 2019 - Wayne Mahar **
Always sporting teal, year-round, and always ready to raise ovarian cancer with Hope for Heather. Returning Man of Teal Wayne Mahar is well known for his forecasting on CNY Central. For us, we're glad to know he's always ready to spread the important message of TEAL
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Sept. 14, 2019 - JJ Potrikus **
As JJ Potrikus likes to say, "Real men wear teal!" We're grateful for his leadership and focus on handing out hundreds of ribbons as a returning member of Men of Teal. Watch out for Blink Fitness leading the warm-up on Teal Ribbon Run race day too! 
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Sept. 15, 2019 - Mike Brookins **
Thank you to Meteorologist Mike Brookins for stepping up to help raise ovarian cancer awareness with us! Working closely with one of our longtime supporters, Mike did not hesitate to join this effort. It's the everyday efforts that make us stronger as a community.
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2019 Men of Teal - Paul Davie Men of Teal - Anthony Brandisi Men of Teal - Todd Hobin
Sept. 16, 2019 - Paul Davie **
Paul is aiming to "stop cancer one note at a time" and we are thankful! Making a difference and staying true to TEAL -- Tell Every Amazing Lady about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Go Paul, Go!
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Sept. 17, 2019 - Anthony Brindis i**
Born and raised in Utica, Rep. Anthony Brindisi agreed to join us in our fight for the first time and take the H4H message farther into Oneida County. Thank you for your support in TEAL -- Tell Every Amazing Lady about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. "
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Sept. 18, 2019 - Todd Hobin **
This is family to me. Our kids all grew up together in the arts. Losing Heather was a staggering loss. Music can convey something words alone cannot express. I hope to continue playing music for as long as I am able. And with all the strength left in me, I vow to carry on. Doug Moncrief and I played at the very first Hope for Heather event.More..
Men of Teal - Khalid Bey 2019 Men of Teal Jack Foy 2019 Men of Teal - Hank DelFavero
Sept. 19, 2019 - Khalid Bey is a Councilor at Large and President Pro Temp of the City Council of the City of Syracuse. He is an author, a small business owner and he is involved in a number of volunteer efforts throughout the city. Joining us in raising ovarian cancer awareness is just one of those great efforts he has decided to take on. We are grateful to live in a community with such strong leaders including Khalid! Read more. . . . . Sept. 20, 2019 - Jack Foy is honored to be invited and proud to be a member of the 2019 Men of Teal team. Cancer in various forms has stricken members of my and my wife's family over the past several years. My hope is to be part of an extensive network of dedicated people all of whom are spreading a message of awareness to the signs and symptoms that surround ovarian cancer."

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Sept. 21, 2019 - Hank DelFavero **
With the connection of ovarian and breast cancer, Hank DelFavero is taking the pledge to raise awareness with us and he is taking it all the way down to the state of Florida! Hank's mom is a breast cancer survivor and he is joining us to honor her fight. Thank you, Hank!
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Men of Teal - Randy Men of Teal - CBen Walsh Man of Teal - Oleg Shapiro
Sept. 22, 2019 - Randy - NYCM **
"I am happy to participate in fundraising for ovarian cancer and be a Man of Teal because I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and two extraordinary daughters, in addition to six older sisters. It is important to me that people are aware of how this disease has afflicted so many women. . . Read more . . .
Sept. 23, 2019 - Ben Walsh **
Joining us as a Man of Teal this year is Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh! “Ovarian cancer awareness is important because women can have symptoms that go undetected for a long period of time, ultimately leading to advanced stages that can be fatal. Read more. .
Sept. 24, 2019 - Oleg Shapiro **
Oleg is a urology oncologist at Upstate Urology practice. Cancer is a relentless disease he treats in his urology practice constantly. He plans to place symptom cards and ribbon in the office waiting rooms to help educate patients on the symptoms of ovarian cancer..
Men of Teal - Joe Woodworth Men of Teal - Chris Arnold Men of Teal - Ed Theobald
Sept. 25, 2019 - Joe Woodworth **
Running the message strong with Joe Woodworth! He also happens to be this year's Teal Ribbon Run runner-up! Committed as a long-time Man of Teal, Joe has been raising ovarian cancer awareness with us proudly. Bringing CNY Racing on board with H4H's mission to educate women about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer is powerful. Read more . . .
Sept. 26, 2019 - Chris Arnold **
We're honored to have Chris Arnold as a long-time Man of Teal. As the president of Paige's Butterfly Run Inc. and the Race Director of Paige’s Butterfly Run, Chris has brought a beautiful event to honor young cancer fighters in Syracuse year after year that raises funds to fight pediatric cancer and blood disorders . . .Read more. .
Sept. 27, 2019 - Ed Theobald **
Manlius Town Supervisor Ed Theobald not only joining us to race in the Teal Ribbon Run, but also as a Man of Teal! We are grateful for our community leaders who are willing to raise ovarian cancer awareness. Thank you, Ed, for running strong, wearing teal and being committed to Hope for Heather.. . .
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Men of Teal - Rich Goodell Men of Teal - Rob Bick Men of Teal - Ed Gosek
Sept. 28, 2019 - Rich Goodell **
Thank you to Man of Teal Rich Goodell! Joining us for the Teal Ribbon Run and taking on the H4H pledge is something we are grateful for. Rich is the Community College Outreach Manager between OCC and Bellevue University. Educating women about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer. Read more . . .
Sept. 29, 2019 - Rob Bick **
Coming on board to support H4H years ago thanks to his beautiful bride Ann Marie Bick is none other than Rob Bick. As a Man of Teal, Rob is committed to helping women stay aware of the signs and symptoms of ovarian and breast cancer. Rob wants women and families to be aware and work together in their battles.. .Read more. .
Sept. 30, 2019 - Ed Gosek **
Carrying on Mighty Mary's legacy is the incredible Ed Gosek, far right, and his family. Being a Man of Teal is not just 30 days of September, it's walking the walk and talking the talk 365 days -- all year. Educating women about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer is a part of the conversation. . .
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Men of Teal - Bob Tisdale
Oct. 1 2019 - Bob Tisdell **
Thank you Bob Tisdell, owner of Liquor Town in Brewerton, for donating cases of wine to our first ever Wine Pull! Guests will have fun supporting H4H while being surprised by the bottle they pick! Bob is happy to support ovarian cancer awareness in CNY
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